Ant Control Methods - An Overview

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Ants are most commonly found pests that can make anyone's life a living hell. They invade a house to seek food and shelter. They can be a great menace if proper steps are not taken to control their growth.

Getting rid of ants completely can be a time-consuming process as they can build up their team in a pretty fast way. In order to control the nuisance created by such pests, one needs to understand their behavioral pattern.

Ants have a typical lifestyle. They reside in colonies that has a 'queen', the female head who is responsible for laying eggs, male ants with a short life span and 'workers', the sterile female ants. The latter, the 'workers' constitute a major part of an ant colony. The ants that we generally see on our walls, window panes and furniture sets, are these workers. We all are well acquainted with the fact that ants move in a particular trail. The workers, on finding food, communicate with their fellow workers by leaving a chemical substance on the food. Human beings are unable to sense it, but this trail process goes on for a long time and assists the following ants to find the source of the food at the end of a trail.

Usually, ants feed on sugary, greasy and starchy food materials.

There are two types of ants that can pose a problem in our daily life - those living outside and scavenge in your house and those building their colonies inside your house. The former type of ants usually travels in your house in search for food. The latter type prefers to settle down inside your house, rather than just foraging inside.

The possible measures that one can take to control the activities of ants are as follows:

* Eliminating the possible passages that ants may use to enter a house, such as, the crevices and cracks on walls, by sealing them properly.

* Using detergent to disturb any suspicious 'trail' process of ants.

* Spraying insecticide around the entry points of ants.

* Using insecticide dilutions to drench ant nests.

* Using ant bait methods to eradicate in-house ant nests.

Ants can cause a major annoyance in your daily life and are not easy to control. One needs to be strategic enough to successfully utilize the methods of ant control. Douglas County citizens need not worry about such pest issues as they can approach expert pest controllers at Acepest-control.
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Ant Control Methods - An Overview

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This article was published on 2011/02/04