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Flying ant treatments are considerably less expensive than termite treatments. Flying ants are sometimes confused with termites, and before treatment is commenced, be sure which critter it is being treated. Beware of a fast talking exterminator who may recommend termite treatment when a less expensive ant treatment is all that is necessary. An ant problem can be addressed by the homeowner or property owner although extreme ant problems should be addressed by an ant specialist with appropriate flying ant treatments.

When flying ants are found, it is necessary to employ one of several flying ant treatments. Preventative methods to keep flying ants from taking wing and creating more ants are highly recommended. Flyers are the reproductive segment of the ant colony. They mate once a year when the weather and atmospheric conditions are just right and swarm out of the colony and fly away. A swarm can be sprayed with an insecticide, if a container is handy, but unless they are hit directly, the spray will not do much to eliminate them or even slow them down. If all the planets are properly aligned, a choice of flying ant treatments sprayed ahead of the swarm will help to disturb the mating process if the flyers fly into the spray.

If flying ants are found in the house, one possible flying ant treatments is squashing the flies with a fly swatter or a rolled up magazine or newspaper. That is acceptable if there are a few, but if there are a lot, it could take all day to bring them down. Flying ant treatments that are sprayed will be effective, and the housekeeping task will require vacuuming the mortally wounded flies. After the ants are taken care of, vacuum the ants and dispose the bag in the trash. Flying ants can also be vacuumed without being sprayed, as well. It may be a little more challenging than knocking them down with spray first, but it can be done and pesticide will not be sprayed in a living area.

Stopping the influx of flies before they happen is the most recommended of all flying ant treatments. Locating any ant hills outside and treating with spray or power insecticide will prevent flyers from mating and quite possibly make a dent in the population of the colony. It may take several treatments before it is effective, but it could be because thousands of ants are involved. If a flying ant infestation is of significant proportions, it may be necessary to call in a professional for flying ant treatments.

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Stewart Wrighter recently reviewed cost effective methods of managing flying ants and searched for organic flying ant treatments to include in his report. He discovered readily available household remedies to manage the pest control issue.

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Flying Ant Treatments

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This article was published on 2010/10/29