Get Rid of Ants with Award Fire Ant IGR

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I am sure; it will be a painful sight if you find too many ants around. I truly feel horrified, and I am sure you will also feel the same. Most often you will find this tiny creatures moving one corner to another, forming a systematic line, in your room, lawn or anywhere. It is pretty dangerous as in the case of fire ants, as these ants can actually kill small animals, with its stinging effects, one after another. Hence it becomes quite essential to control them, which can be done easily with Award Fire Ant IGR, manufactured by Syng'enta. This particular product is a "magical element", which can actually give you relived from this harsh problem of ants.

Whenever, you find fire ants may be in your lawn, or in kitchen, living room or at any place, quickly apply Award Fire Ant IGR and immediately you will notice the difference. This product contains fonoxycrab, which is considered as growth regulators for insects. Perhaps, this has been the sole reason; it has been so effective upon ants like, fire ants as well as bigheaded ants. The primary function of this product is to stop the egg production of the queens of fire ants, which actually helps in putting a halt in further population growth. If you are in a search of nearly 100 % control over the growth of fire ants, then it is advised to apply this product, couple of times per year. This product is available in both 3 lb as well as 25 lb bags.

In case you wish to use Award Fire Ant IGR, then you can easily avail them by ordering them online. But, you should always make a point that; this product cannot be sold in New York. What are you waiting for, just get them online.

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Get Rid of Ants with Award Fire Ant IGR

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This article was published on 2010/10/25