Jim Rohn And The Ant Philosophy

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I was lucky enough to have heard this story from a friend of mine the other day. It's a story of persistence and success, and it only has four small parts. I can't take credit for this small nugget of wisdom. It belongs to a pioneer in the personal development field, and I wanted to share it with you. So here it is, Jim Rohn and the ant philosophy.

The first part of this is that ants never give up! They never stop. If you put a little piece of wood or cardboard in front of an ant, it will just crawl over it, or around it. An ant will always find another way to get past the obstacle in front of it. When it comes to you building your business, how do you respond to the obstacles that get in your way? Do you let it get you down, or do you just find another way? Be like that little guy and keep on keepin' on!

The next part says that ants think winter all summer long. They know that the summer doesn't last forever. Ants know that there's going to be some cold weather eventually, so they prepare for that wintry, stormy season. Are you preparing for the stormy times that you may encounter? The best way to weather the storm is to be ready for it. Know that it's going to happen. You may encounter a snowstorm or two in the form of ups and downs as you're out there prospecting and recruiting. You may not make it to the next level as quickly as you thought you would. Knowing is half the battle.

Now, this one threw me for a second. Ants think summer all winter long! Wait a minute! I thought they think winter all summer, right? Well all winter long, they are chomping at the bit to get back out there to do their ant stuff. Remember, nothing stops them. How do you react to the obstacles and difficulties? Are you  letting a negative attitude from friends or family stop you from getting back out there? Always keep in mind that the sun is going to shine again. The dark and gloomy winter won't last forever. Take the same approach to thrive with your home based business.

The final point to this story is actually presented in a question. How much will an ant gather in the summer? All he possibly can! Archie the ant has a whatever it takes attitude. He will do as much as he can to complete his task. Are you doing everything you can to succeed? I'll tell you, for such a small little insect, the lesson here is massive! Thank you Jim Rohn, and of course our little crawling friends.

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Jim Rohn And The Ant Philosophy

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This article was published on 2010/10/11