Varieties Of Carpenter Ants

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Carpenter ants come in a vast array of different species all with their own unique characteristics and markings. In the United States for example there are up to 50 or more species. The most common two are firstly the Black Carpenter Ants and secondly the Red Carpenter Ants. The red ants are also known as Florida carpenters. It would be rare for ants to pose any real threat to humans but the Florida Carpenter is known to give a pretty nasty bite to anyone who tries to cause them harm or remove them.

Black carpenters are the main threat to your home and wooden structures in general. Red carpenters on the other hand, who are found more in warm climates, do not really attack wood as their jaws are not structured for mass excavation and they prefer open cavities that already exist. It is not unusual to see ants in the woods but you would just as likely find them in high rise buildings and apartments. Proper care should be taken when removing any ant colonies from your home and seeking professional advice is recommended.

Carpenter ants are unique from most pests as they can be seen in 5 typical sizes, ranging from the larger reproductive females who will be queens of future colonies and their slightly smaller winged males; right down to the tiny minor workers who are female. Each subcategory has adapted to suit its own tasks and together they will all ensure the smooth running of a colony. The rate at which they expand varies from one variety to another but given time all can become a nuisance in your home.

So not only can you find many species of Carpenter ants around the globe but the variation they have within one species means you could find a plethora of different ants in one search. As stated before there are up to 50 species in the United States alone and up to and beyond 1000 variations worldwide. The Carpenter ant is built for survival. As is shown by the amount of varieties you can find, they have adapted over time to suit many locations and climates and generally speaking you could probably find a variety that is unique to your area. Next time you take a walk through the woods or your local park, take the time to have a closer look and you will more than likely be able to find some variety of carpenter ants.

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Varieties Of Carpenter Ants

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This article was published on 2010/10/31